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Choosing an LMS

Choosing an LMS

Choosing the right system to manage and deliver your learning is one of the most crucial decisions you can make when it comes to creating effective training programmes. Though most systems contain the same functional elements, the differences in operation and performance can be major factor.

If you choose a system that’s not optimised for your needs, you could waste a lot of time and money. Let’s look at some of the key factors:

  • Durability – Will your chosen system have longevity in the marketplace? Will it continue to available and supported with periodic maintenance and upgrades?

  • Changes in Technology -   Will your system support the delivery of new file formats in the future, possibly incorporating revisions to standards like SCORM?  Will it be accessible from Smartphones, tablets and laptops as these products continue to evolve?

  • Fit with existing IT - Was your system chosen with consideration for extensibility, scalability, and, generally, how they will it fit and integrate within the overall ICT plan of the organisation?

  • Management Information – Does the system provide the right information about learner progress to allow you to effectively plan their training needs?

Assessing your needs

Before you dash out to buy an LMS it’s a good idea to carry out a full assessment of your needs to ensure that your training goals can be met. Commissioning a detailed report, providing you with full implementation plans including timescales and resource requirements is a good investment.

Most importantly, any new system should fit your budget with a clear return on investment. Getting up and running may not be as costly as you think thanks to the availability of good Open Source solutions.

Providing the right solutions

Although Open Source products offer a very cost-effective solution, many organisations are put off by the technical knowledge required to set the programs up on servers, link them to database and configure them to specific needs. Using a consultant to do this for you will minimise the set-up costs and may provide a direct route to the programmers who actually wrote the software to provide ongoing support. 

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