Any time - any place - any pace is a complete Learning Management System (LMS), to be launched in Spring 2018. Using the Chamilo LMS as a starting point, the platform offers a short, sharp introduction to useful workplace skills.

As you’d expect with e-Learning, the components include video, scenarios, quizzes and downloadable resources. SkillsWheel presents the topics available as an expanding wheel showing which skills have been achieved and those that can be acquired.

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As a full-featured LMS, you’ll find the complete spectrum of tools:

  • Interactive Learning Paths show progress through each module.

  • Resource Directories allow for access to shared elements and a private area for each learner.

  • Useful Links Directories point learners to useful websites.

  • Assessments show skill levels at the start of a course and allow learners to work towards a certificate.

  • Assignments can be on or offline ensuring a blended learning approach.

  • Quizzes and Tests are presented with numerous question types.

  • Glossaries are linked to articles so unknown terms can be explained instantly.

  • Forums provide a way for learners to share their experiences and gain support.

  • Dropboxes let learners upload assignments or share resources with other learners.

  • Surveys can be used for course evaluations or as part of a Learning Path.

  • Chat Rooms encourage real-time interaction between learners.

  • Announcements can be targeted at individuals or groups.

  • Agendas ensure that courses are completed on time and allow learners to create a personal calendar.

  • Notebooks for each course let learners build up an online reference as they learn.

  • Wikis provide a further method of interaction and build a useful resource for new users.


Administrators and managers on SkillsWheel have full control over the system:

  • Branding is easy to apply.

  • Reports can be obtained in numerous customisable formats.

  • Dashboard presents an overview of activities.

  • Settings control who sees what and when.

  • Email Notifications alert tutors when activities are completed.

  • Messaging Systems provide communications to individuals or groups.

  • Course Catalogue displays information about each course and allows for ratings.

  • ‘SkillsNet’ is a social network providing a way to engage with learners in familiar formats.

  • Project Systems set specific tasks for learners and encourage collaboration.

  • Language Settings allow for personalisation of up to 35 different languages.

  • Registration Systems are fully-customisable.

  • Profiling means that extra fields can be added.

  • Payment Systems integrate with PayPal.

  • Statistics show who has visited the platform plus a host of useful data.

  • Backup Systems let tutors back single courses in SCORM formats.



"People often say that motivation doesn't last.  Well neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."

Zig Ziglar


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