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If you’ve invested in great design and functionality for your website, you’ll need to decide where it’s going to be hosted.  Consult.PW maintain server space as re-sellers and offer three different hosting packages:

  • Self- managed hosting means that you are responsible for all aspects of site management but your site will still be backed-up automatically.  You can opt for a WordPress or Joomla or start from scratch without SiteBuilder software included in the price.

  • Part-managed hosting lets you manage some or all the content of your site but not have to worry about backups, updates, SEO and security and support for changes.  Basic training is provided.

  • Full-service Hosting provides the services of our designer for up to one hour per month to take care of EVERY aspect of your site.  This option includes features such as e-commerce, booking systems, download libraries or learning management systems.

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